About us

Our little shop prides itself on beautiful custom made tattoos, our ethos is to make our customers feel comfortable and to enjoy the experience of getting tattooed.

We’ll always endeavour to make our customers feel at home and give them just what they want.

Our tattoo and art gallery will give you a preview of our works of art and body art, but do feel free to bring in your own personal design, or if you have an idea we will create the artwork for you. We also offer a professional consultation on how best to correct or cover-up old tattoo's that you may no longer be happy with.

Once you make your choice we promise you will get what you want and have a tattoo you will love and enjoy for life.


123 Junction Road London,

United Kingdom

T. +44 20 3105 0214

Don't hesitate!

For bookings email to:


123 Junction Road

London, United Kingdom

+44 20 3105 0214

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